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Trackmaking Tutorials

This is the tutorial selction for Trackmaking. Here you can find Videotutorials that reach from how to start and how to do the final touches.

  • How to start:
  • Setting up all the Programs you need:
  • Digital Earthworks
    Digital Earthworks is the main tool you use to make Reflex Tracks.

  • Create Topdown
    Create Topdown is uses your RGB mask to create a Topdown image with your Textures which appears after a certain distance away from you

  • Photoshop(recommended)
    Most Track creators start in Photoshop, which is not free to use, at least not legally  ;)

  • Gimp
    Gimp is basically the free alternative to Photoshop

  • Leveller(recommended)
    Leveller is a great tool to make Heightmaps in. However, it's not free.

  • Viewdispmap
    If you work with Photoshop, Gimp etc.. you will come across "stair steps" when you work with higher elevated tracks. This program will smooth those out for you.

  • Textures and Bump-Textures:

  • Understanding the RBG Mask:

  • Everything about Zonemaps:

  • How to make a Chrominance luminance map (Chromlum) only with Photoshop:

  • How to make a Chrominance luminance map (Chromlum) with Leveller:

  • Modifying the Softness map:

  • How to add a Topdown:

  • Making Tracks raceable (Splines):

  • Placing Objects:

  • Putting Trees on the Track:

  • Bump Models:
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