Darkslides19's Reflex Stuff

Green Corner SX




And again a free kit with tracks. There was a motocross track in this area, but a year later I decided to build a supercross track here. In one side you can see the dug steps - there I took the ground. And watered the track along with Dr. DarkSlides19, which I will say thank you for the support and advice, as well as for the test-ride of my track. Well, it would not be a beautiful map without a lot of custom objects. The textures at downloading looked quite different, but thanks to Photoshop I managed to make them suitable. Since the terrain is very sandy, after a few laps it becomes slippery in the places where you went. I promise, sooner or later after a few laps will be difficult to jump. Included: Racing and freeride versions. BETA_Slot_2




Also u can see the trees on the top of hills and on the slope. In the previous version they were not. They had time to grow)