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Budds Creek




Welcome to Budds Creek! This is my best attempt to create this awesome track located in Mechanicsville, Maryland and it is another national replica for the Reflex community. I’ve spent the same amount of time on this track as much as my previous, and I think it’s as close to complete as possible. So basically G G are see ya (GGarcia151) called the peeps at Budds Creek and made a deal that allowed us in RideLife to have a race at their wonderful facility and now we get to share it with the public. enjoy!

Bump Models and Base Chrominance map were done by Dr. Darkslides ;)

  • Models (RedRider197)
    SubThankYouSign, BC Club House, BC Finish Building, All Tents and Banners (besides obvious stock object tents)

  • Models (Darkslides)
    Sponge bobs, Lucas Oil Finish Gate and Fly Gate, Barn (from The Barn) and Weed Field.


    Free Ride:

    Budds Creek MX HD:

    Budds Creek MX (potato version):

    Free Ride Flat Track (at night flat track only):

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    Nothing much to say other than it's a very well done Track!