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ARNIK Park Freeride




After 1 month of work, I present my first compound. The name of the park includes the abbreviated names of me and my younger brother. In this park there are two tracks - motocross and supercross. The surface on the motocross track is clay. On this track there are slippery places. Surface on the supercross track is dry, solid, like concrete. When loosening this soil, and when watering it, you get a holder for a good race. Each map, like a chromiance map or softness map, are drawn in certain colors, having their own functions. A lot of custom objects made by me and also textured by me can be found in this park. I'm not going to continue talking, and everything else can be seen on the screenshot.
Thanks to DarkSlides19 for advice and facilities, such as a tent model and orange networks. I hope you will like it!